Thanks for Inviting Me to Join Support PA Elk

I am anxious to participate in helping convince the Pa Game Commission to expand the No Kill Zone for Pa Elk Hunting.  The experiences my wife and I have had in the Benezett area are very enjoyable and these elk are very "tame".  They can be approached with ease and they exhibit none of the natural tendencies of wild animals to flee in the presence of humans.

Joan took a picture of me photographing two bulls fighting in the kill zone the weekend before season opened.  There must have been a crowd of at least 20 people around making noise and within 25 to 30 yards of the elk. A couple of gentlemen at a camp right there were throwing apples to them to eat when they rested between sparring bouts.

 She also got a great closeup of the action:

We have large lenses that we normally use for wildlife photography, but that day Joan was using  70-300MM lens and I was using a 70 to 200MM lenses.  Being able to photograph elk around Benezett this close is a normal occurrence.  This type of elk behavior certainly does not create hunting that would be considered sporting or fair chase. Shooting (notice I did not say hunting) these majestic bulls actually hurts the sport of hunting by creating a perception that all hunting is like the elk hunting in Pennsylvania.

I strongly urge all of those concerned to write to the Pa Game Commission and the Boone and Crockett organiztion with your comments and concerns.  Remain courteous and factual with your writings and use any actual examples of elk behavior that you have witnessed that supports your feelings concerning the elk being "tame".


  1. Thank you for joining us Jim and especially for sharing you wonderful photographs and experiences! I think it is fair to say we quite the team working on this... if anybody can find a way to make a change, I definately thing the six of us will be the ones to do it!

  2. Welcome Jim!! As I'm sure you read in a recent internet article, our blog needs all of the support it can get. So thank you for joining us in this mission.
    By the way...Great photos and a wonderful post. Thanks again for joining us.

  3. They are certainly magnificent creatures!

  4. Outstanding post!
    Congratulations and thanks for sharing,
    Happy CC

  5. wow full of action! BTW, I am now following this blog.

    Mine is up now too

  6. incredible action shots!!
    kudos on your work on their behalf

  7. Awesome photos of teh Elk. What a cool sighting of the elk sparring.

  8. At first I thought it is a deer but it is an Elk. Good action scene there hope those hunters will leave alone the elks. Happy Sunday!

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  9. Thanks Jim
    You photographs depict the situation well. These animals do not change there behaviour when they step from the no-hunt zone into the kill zone. For the area to remain the elk tourist attraction that brings considerable economic activity to the area, the elk cannot be made as wild as deer simply to accomodate a few shooters/hunters each year.

  10. Your recent posts need to hot link to these first few posts - those of us new to the exact local issue would like to learn more but it's difficult to muddle through.

    Your most recent posts very strongly rest on the theory that the outcry against this "hunt" is universal and well publicized, and it's not...yet at least.