SPE and Elk County Outfitters Engage In Debate

Recently several members of SupportPaElk engaged Jack Manack, Jr. of Elk County Outfitters in an extended discussion of the issues surrounding our elk herd, and elk management.

Mr. Manack raised some interesting points, and today we will deal with one of them.
On Dec. 20, 2009 Jack Manack, said,

"Maybe the most important thing here to remember is this hunt is a legal hunt and if people really have a problem with it the people to talk to are the Pa Game Comm. Just remember to have a better way to manage the elk herd ready to present to them. One that does the same that the current one does now..... strengthen and help the herd to be better and healthier than it is today."

My response:

I have always been aware that this is a legal hunt and that The PGC is the agency that is responsible for managing the resource.

Expressing one's ideas by word and print is a time-honored American tradition. While it is true that private citizens should write their legislatures, state agencies, etc. about matters of public concern, opinion columnists continually write articles for publication in newspapers and magazines to spark awareness and discussion of issues of importance. They do not write letters to, or confront politicians on a daily basis. With the internet gaining in importance, editorializing on it has become commonplace. It is in the best traditions of free speech and advocacy of worthy issues that SupportPaElk has embarked on a discussion of elk management in this type of forum.

I did set forth a alternative management plan, in the documentary film, The Truth About Pennsylvania's Elk Herd". This plan advanced concepts for correcting the current over-harvest of mature bulls. In light of our exchange with Mr. Manack and other information that has come to our attention, it seems that perhaps we were underestimating the gravity of the situation and there may be a need to call for wider, more encompassing reforms.

Reliable information has it that the PGC is also concerned about too many large bulls being taken and that the management plan is being updated. Now more than ever, it is important for those who are concerned about the future of our largest species of wildlife to become involved with the issues and raise their voice in support of their concerns.
Willard C. Hill


  1. Hi Willard :) As always I find myself reading all of your posts. I am very amazed at some of the comments from others. I was going to elaborate on my comments but will leave at this. Thank you for the information and views. Aloha, Renee :) :)

  2. Willard -
    Thank you for supporting the elk in a respectful and educated manner. Your time and research are very much appreciated.