The Shooting Of the 9x8 On You Tube

The Famous 9x8 In Woods At Close Range
A Special thanks to Rob, a regular reader, who notified us that The McCarthy Brothers, Eric and Jarrad, elk guides affiliated with Elk County Outfitters, have recently posted a video to You Tube, of the shooting of the 9x8 that we have been discussing. The elk was killed on the first day of the 2009 season by Gary Kolenski.

The video begins at Camp Nick, the headquarters of Elk County Outfitters. It soon progresses to the field and shows the shooter maneuvering in open timber to get a clear shot at the 9x8. The bull could not care less about the entire proceedings. He calmly feeds while the hunter delivers the killing shot at close range.

If you can, watch the video closely and form your own opinion about the proceedings.

There is the indisputable point that thousands thrilled at the sight of this animal during the past year, but no one will do so again.

To view the video Click Here

Also thanks to Harry for participating in the discussion. He raises questions about what it takes to be an elk guide and what education the PGC provides.

The Hunting Digest does not have detailed information on this, but I will research it more in the near future. I do know they are required to carry a substantial liability insurance policy, which is prohibitively priced for most individual guides. I am told is the reason that many of them are operating with Elk County Outfitters. I

As to what education that the PGC provides to guides, according to PGC News Release #101-08:

All elk license recipients will receive in the mail two copies of the Game Commission’s videotaped elk hunter orientation program, which the hunter must view prior to the elk hunt. The second copy must be viewed by their guide, if the hunter chooses to use a guide.
Those seeking elk guide permits also should consult with the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources concerning special guiding permits and requirements on state forest or state park lands.

To the best of my knowledge there is no educational effort directed toward protecting the large bulls and most hunters when given the chance will shoot the largest animal possible under the circumstances.


  1. Do you think those guys got permission to use the county song for that video? It seems to me to be a copyright violation. I won't even comment on the so-called elk hunt.

  2. Bob,

    I had the same thoughts about the use of the song, not to mention that they probably never heard of synchronization rights either.

  3. Glad I could stir up more interest here.

    Lets post comments on youtube as well, stating the facts about the "elk hunt."

    How it really isn't an elk hunt at all.

    I never saw this bull elk but every cause needs an ambassador, a symbol of what the cause is about. This bull elk is it!

    There is too much evidence that a change is needed because of this single event. Don't let it pass.


  4. I cannot imagine killing such a beautiful animal. To rob it of its natural life is not only sad but horrifying. Sorry, I could not watch the video.

  5. It is sad to hear that this elk was killed. the photo is beautiful.

  6. It's absolutely pretty!! Haven't seen Elk yet thanks you've got a blog for Elks. Thanks for sharing!

    Camera Critters & PhotoHunt

  7. what a shame it is. I photographed that bull only a few weeks before the hunt was only a few feet away from him and now he is no more. Greedy for a elk is all it is and all it ever will be until some changes are made. and I hope that comes soon