Pa Elk: As Wild As Any?

Pennsylvania’s elk herd is portrayed by some as providing a fair chase hunt when the hunt is conducted away from the no kill zone.

Follow this link to view Pennsylvania Back Country Elk Hunt Part 6. Pay attention to the audio listening carefully to the conversation at the very beginning of this clip. Secondly pay close attention to the bull’s reaction once he is shot and then of the other bull as the hunting team approaches the downed animal.

If you have the time search YouTube and view parts 1 through 5 of Pennsylvania Back Country Elk hunt. Fair chase? Elk as wild as any? You be the judge.


  1. Willard has told me about this video numerous times but I never took the time to search for it. As a fireman I have two sides, the one you have seen and the one that just watched the video and went off on a profanity laced tirade.

    The video speaks for itself in the fact that certain areas are like shooting fish in a barrel. I would be embarassed for anyone to see that if it were me. No I wouldn't because I would not have shot a tame animal once let alone four times before falling to the ground like an A**hole.

    I think I will let it go at this point, before I say to much.

  2. What is interesting about this situation is it was supposed to have happened in Clearfield County if I remember correctly (it has been over a year since I watched the series and I don't want to take the time to watch it again).

    These were supposed to be truly wild elk that were not habituated to humans by feeding or being in constant proximity to large numbers of tourists, yet the animal did not run while the hunter shot him repeatedly and after the idiotic actions that took place after he was down, a smaller bull remained in the area and would have been shot at by the shooter had the guide not stopped him from doing so!

  3. I have to admit I stopped the video when the guys commentater repeatedly said "he's goin down" so I didn't have the pleasure of seeing what ensued once the poor bull fell. I am now torn as to whether or not I want to re-watch! This is just disgusting.

  4. The Back Country videos are the type that I wrote to Pennsylvania Outdoors about. It concerns me that some outfitters and hunters would actually broadcast a film such as this you tube video. It was an example of very poor hunting practices even if it was a truly wild elk. Elk are not that hard to kill when they are shot properly with a proper caliber.

    This particular video gets two thumbs down-1 for lack of fair chase hunting and then improper use of a firearm in harvesting an animal.

    Please notice he was shot in a cornfield and he was near buildings.

  5. Thank you, Coy, for taking the time to post the link to these videos. There are many people who think it is OK to do this and these videos show just how awful it is. I wonder how people become so cruel....
    On another note, I think it is wonderful how people like Heather are raising their children to love and respect animals.