Another Guide Responds

EJM has responded by posting a comment to My Profile On You Tube:

After one brothers offensive rants and threats, the other brother now has a message to deliver. These gentlemen are the ultimate goodwill ambassadors for the hunting community.

Here is the comment in its entirety:

"Mr Hill, You have brother number 2 here. We were just laughing at your blogs. I only have one comment for you sir, If the elk hunt is a joke to you and we are a joke as guides, and we shoot tame barnyard elk. Then how can you possibley sell a video that features tame barnyard elk. Are you a wildlife photographer or a livestock videographer. Anyone could do that. So, to you sir, if we are a joke, then you and your time scouting and your movie is a joke to us. By the way I have personaly witnessed a camp full of hunters fall asleep to your joke. Maybe you would like to see the perfect 200 yard first shot on that 9x8 bull and thats no joke. By the way sir how close did you get to that elk? When you filmed him, may be he was stunned by your camera flash. I think he was acclimated two people trying to feed him, cameramen, and barnyard videographers."

Happy Hunting EJM

We thank EJM for his response. It is most enlightening.


  1. Willard, you are a true professional. Many people should take lessons from you on how to respect wildlife and others.
    You already know we appreciate all of your work.

  2. This is a wonderful cause. Keep up the good work.

  3. Wow I missed a few days and look what happens.

    1.) As law enforcement those comments should be preserved to illustrate pre-meditation should any action be taken. They are most definetely unvieled threats of terror.

    2.) A local news team would be interested in this story now that it has taken this turn. Emailing WJAC KDKA may provoke a little interest. The Elk Herds popularity should be used to it's advantage.

    3.) WPSU has a segment on PA Wildlife, Patty Scatalia rings a bell although I don't know the name of the show.

    4.) The Game commission issues permits to guide, I don't think they want this negative publicity or to be represented by folks like these for the elk hunt. Can't they take away the license? Are they even aware of the event?


  4. Anyone notice that the video they had posted showing one of them feeding an elk by hand has been deleted?

  5. That's not a surprise. Does anyone have a copy of it?

  6. the Support This Bitches video was completely over the top. Did anyone copy it and send it to the media & pgc?

  7. We here at SPE appreciate each and every comment and the support that you have voiced.

    We have noticed that the feeding elk by hand video appears to have been removed. (The activity in this video is a direct violation Of The Pennsylvania Game and Wildlife Code)

    At this time it is inadvisable for us to comment on the concerns raised by anonymous on 12/19&12/20/09, but it is a valid question