An Elk Guide Responds To Elk Hunt Critics

"Whatever bro! You klnow who I am. Who are you? I'd love to debate you further. You know why we take zone two hunters. Because we can take the verbal abuse from people like you & because we have nothing to lose. Don't mess with somone who has nothing to lose. Get it! I never did anything to you, don't slam me. If I can find elk,bear,deer,& wild Turkey I can also find you. "Verbatim quote by someone posting as Jpg207 on You-Tube. According to the profile This person is Jarrad McCarthy of Elk County Outfitters. This was in response to a comment by me concerning the shooting of the 9x8 bull on the first day of season.For those who have not seen it, the video may be viewed by clicking Here.

This sparked a string of commentary which finally got to the point of where jpg207 posted the above response. I responded by asking him exactly who he was, whether he was actually Jarrad or Eric McCarthy and did his views represent the views of Elk County Outfitters. I informed him that I am Willard Hill of PA Wildlife Photographer and I am interested in discussing issues in a rational manner.

Coincident with this he had posted a video titled "Support PA Elk Rebuttal", which shows several scenes of dead elk hanging from a meat pole and at the elk check station, elk being gutted, elk with the skin partially removed, etc. Titles are superimposed which say, "Support Them With Chains",Support Them With Rope", "Support Them With Large Poles" it has a shot of a family posing with a bull and the caption,"Supported by Families". It ends with a portrayal of a newspaper with a bull elk photo in the top central portion of the paper, but where the title of the paper would ordinarily be, it has"Support This Bitches", which then cuts to another shot of the same paper with the elk photo blacked out and the title, "Support That Bitch"

After I posted the second comment, he suddenly removed all comments from view and made the video we just discussed private so that the general public could not see it.

I will paste the comment string here. It is somewhat difficult to follow as one needs to start at the bottom and read to the top to have the correct chronology in which the comments were posted and even then it is not certain what particular individual Jpg 207 is responding to at a given point.

My comment is the one by pawildlifephoto and his response to me is directly under my comment as it shows up in my You Tube Profile as a response to my post. It is also the quote that appears at the beginning of today's post. My last comment is not present as he removed the comments from view before I was able to save it.

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I almost forgot. Check out my new vid that supports the PA Elk Herd.
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This was truly an elk "shoot" not a hunt. This animal could be approached to within spear range. He spent the last days of his life lying in a nearby lawn and it seems likely from eye witness reports that those involved in the shoot stood on the boundary of the property and observed this animal in the lawn throughout the weekend before the "hunt".

This was a"legal' activity if all rules and regulations were followed, but it stretches the imagination to classify it as a fair chase hunt.

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Whatever bro! You klnow who I am. Who are you? I'd love to debate you further. You know why we take zone two hunters. Because we can take the verbal abuse from people like you & because we have nothing to lose. Don't mess with somone who has nothing to lose. Get it! I never did anything to you, don't slam me. If I can find elk,bear,deer,& wild Turkey I can also find you.

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Its more a look of "thats it?"

Watch all the other "hunters" come out of the woods near the end.

They are probably only a few hundred feet, if that, away from a road or truck.

This is not a hunt.

This animal was docile, it had been filmed and approached by a thousand people. It spent the last few days of it's life in someones yard.
These "guides" are a joke.
These elk
 should be protected from the trophy hunters not exploited like they are here.

PA elk Hunt- Garbage!

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Hey There.
Thanks for the comment. I'd love to debate you on the subject, but someone with no rocks in their pants hides behind their words. You know
 who I am. Who are you. I have an idea. Send me your address, I'll mail you the balls off next years bull. Then you can face me to comment further.

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I have heard that when a hunter shoots a magnificent "trophy bull," the exhilaration is overwhelming... one of the most emotional experiences of their life. This video does not depict that whatsoever... it actually looks as though the "hunters" are relieved it's finally over. They must have been tired from all of the scouting and hand-feeding of the elk in the weeks leading up to the hunt. I wonder if Boone & Crockett would classify this as a fair chase.
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Thanks for the comment. You know who I am. Who are you? I'd love to debate this more, but someone with no balls hides behind their words. I can send you a pair from next years bull if your old lady won't return yours. Then we'll talk turkey. You know why we guide in zone two. Because we can take the abuse from cowards like yourself & because we have nothing to lose. Never mess with people who has nothing to lose. Remember that.
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The elk that is taken in this video was so acclimated to people that you could literally walk up to it, within a few feet, and the animal would not even care.

 is evident in the video. The "hunter" and his entourage certainly were not stealthy, or quiet as they pretty much tromped right up to this magnificent bull elk and shot it at close range.
The Pa elk "hunt" is a sham and those who call themselves hunters should not participate and be outraged by the actions of these "guides."
More analysis of this incident coming soon!


  1. I just cannot believe this still

  2. I hope that successful applicants for next year’s elk tags will locate this exchange and take it into consideration when booking an outfitter. I would not want to go in the woods with this man, would you?

  3. From what I've seen of this, it definitely seems like a "shoot" and not a "hunt," but was still apparently legal.

    Ethically, it's pretty shameful. But I'm going to put myself in the guide's shoes for a minute.

    There are three types of people who hire hunting guides:

    1) those who lack the gear, means, and ability to put on a hunt themselves, and who want a legitimate hunt with a "good chance" to harvest the target animal. These are generally ethical sportsmen.

    2) those who lack the willpower and patience to organize a hunt, but want to go with some buddies/relatives "for tradition's sake." These are generally ethical sportsmen who want to enjoy a good time BS'ing in the woods/marsh, and who don't care "that much" if no/few animals are harvested. "The story of the hunt" is what they want to take home.

    3) those people who are only interested in hunting "theoretically" - they do not want to get cold, or wet, or have to get up too early. They really see the objective of the day's hunt is to kill something. To kill as many as they are allowed to kill. Method / fair chase don't really enter into the equation.

    OK, so if you are a guide, all 3 of these types of people call. I personally think that they can be differentiated through the duration of a single phone call. And, say you get 10 calls in a row from guys in that third category, aka "killers." How many do you turn down - turning down legal, but perhaps unethical hunts - and the thousands of dollars that guided trip will gain for you and your family - before you say, "Yes, we will take you hunting. Yes, we can almost guarantee you'll take a mature bull by 5pm. It'll be $3,000 plus your licenses."

    And for you non-hunters - please believe that most hunters who had paid a guide, would not want to be part of this charade....walking up to this animal and popping a cap in him! They would be more likely to say, "Is this all you've got? How about something a little more remote?"

    I'm not excusing it. Just pointing out that these folks are in business. And when you are in business you have to make money. These guys' business model apparently has them making money by taking shooters to these domesticated elk. If they (guides) were smart, they'd do it on a pretty selective basis, so that this type of outrage wouldn't occur.

    It seems like the problem is the law that allows this to occur....not the guys who, while not hunting ethically, are operating 100% in the confines of the law. If you want to change their behavior, change the legislation.